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Carlton Digby School

Together we achieve


At Carlton Digby School, pupils are able to access off-site swimming at Calverton Leisure Centre, on-site water based learning in our hydrotherapy pool or hydrotherapy ran by Physiotherapists. Which sessions are attended is based on the needs of the individual child.

We use Nottinghamshire County Council School's Swimming for our off-site sessions. 

On-site water based learning sessions are led by staff who have been trained in National Curriculum Training Programme (NCTP) by School's Swimming. Two staff per session are trained in Aquatic Therapy Shallow Pool Rescue Award (ATSPRA). 

NHS Physiotherapists lead hydrotherapy sessions, supported by two ATSPRA trained school staff. Hydrotherapy is only provided by Physiotherapist where they deem it necessary as part of the child's plan. This is not a decision made by school staff.

Please see the documents below for guidance.