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Carlton Digby School

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How We Meet the Public Sector Equality Duty - September 2023

Carlton Digby School is a special school located in Mapperley, Nottingham. We cater for a mixed ethnic population gathered from both the local county and city areas. The school is situated in a leafy suburb to the northeast of the city of Nottingham. People of white British descent largely populate the locality.

All pupils on roll have an Education, Health and Care Plan.

At September 2023:

  • Over capacity (93)
  • 73% of pupils are boys and 27% are girls
  • 20% of pupils are from other backgrounds
  • 5% of pupils have English as an additional language
  • 39% of pupils are eligible for free school meals
  • 37% of pupils are eligible for pupil premium
  • School population:
    • EYFS - 0%
    • KS1 - 5%
    • KS2 - 29%
    • KS3 - 32%
    • KS4 - 18%
    • KS5 - 15%
  • Staff within the school is predominantly female and White British

Carlton Digby School

Carlton Digby School Equality Objectives

2023 – 2024

To ensure that any gap in attainment between different groups is not significant

There is rigorous monitoring of the progress of all groups, to clearly identify any underachievement in performance and adjust provision to support progress. The senior leadership team and key staff alongside the school governing body monitor this objective.

To promote spiritual, moral, social and cultural development through all appropriate curricular activities, with particular reference to issues of equality and diversity

Through assemblies, group activities and the PHSCE and RSHE curriculum. Pupils are given an awareness of different cultures, religions and beliefs through an enriched curriculum. Pupils take part in curriculum themes days and weeks. Ensuring pupils do not use homophobic, sexist or racist language and that any incidents are dealt with immediately.

To ensure that pupils are punctual and attend school consistently

Registers are checked regularly and where there is concern the school will work with the family and necessary agencies to help attendance improve. Our electronic systems to register pupils and deal with absences is making this process more efficient.

To ensure that teachers in school differentiate activities in order that individual pupils can achieve their full potential

Through the whole school quality assurance of teaching and learning, completed by senior leaders and subject leaders.

To provide additional support for disadvantaged pupils through the effective use of the pupil premium funding

Targeted and effective use of the pupil premium funding and other additional funding sources. Closely monitored by the senior leadership team and governors.

To ensure fair access to off-site activities, regardless of SEND

The school provides access to a wide range of suitable off-site activities for all pupils to access, as deemed appropriate to their SEND. Class teachers are aware of and arrange these visits to ensure fair access is available for all pupils.