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Welcome To
Carlton Digby School

Together we achieve

Curriculum Provision

Our curriculum is highly differentiated to meet the needs of all the children who attend the school with varying special educational needs, including individualised timetables and a sensory curriculum. 

The National Curriculum is followed by all pupils in key stages 1 - 4, however, where appropriate, pupils may access subject content from other year groups and key stage. We follow a rolling programme to ensure full curriculum coverage at all stages of a pupils education. Please click on the links below to find full details of the content of the curriculum in each key stage and subject.

  • EYFS = Nursery and Reception
  • Key Stage 1 = Year 1 and 2
  • Key Stage 2 = Year 3, 4, 5 and 6
  • Key Stage 3 = Year 7, 8 and 9
  • Key Stage 4 = Year 10 and 11
  • Key Stage 5 = Year 12, 13 and 14

Most lower school pupils attend a weekly swimming lesson at Calverton Leisure Centre. There are also a number of pupils across school who access hydrotherapy sessions where appropriate. Students have access to (depending on their need) speech and language, music therapy, drama therapy and hydro therapy. We work closely with a number of health professionals including school nurse, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, orthotic specialists and paediatricians.

Homework is set as and when appropriate and is accessible for pupils.

Reading is taught through a synthetic phonics approach following the 'Letters and Sounds' publication from the DfE. A range of other reading schemes and strategies are used to enhance the teaching of reading depending upon the needs of the individual child. The main reading scheme used across the school is the Oxford Reading Tree. We also use ‘Switch On’ to support the development of reading and writing.

We have a focus on reading within the school, and each child has a reading record and a reading book to enjoy and share with parents/carers at home. Reading is sent home at least once a week.

If you require any further information on phonics and how reading is taught, please contact the English coordinator.

We have recently introduced Catch Up Numeracy to support progress within maths.

Key Stage 4 and 5

There are a wide range of qualifications on offer in key stage 4 and 5. Accreditation is completed at a level that is appropriate to the individual pupil. Pupils are able to choose from a range of options to study, they are able to select from arts, technology, humanities and languages subjects, as well as independent skills and vocational learning.

We offer the following qualifications from the following exam boards:


  • Maths Entry Level Certificate
  • PSE Award and Certificate


  • Maths Entry Level Functional Skills
  • English Entry Level Functional Skills
  • ICT Entry Level Functional Skills

AIM Awards:

  • Employability
  • Personal Progress

British Science Association:

  • CREST Award

At Key Stage 5, there will be an emphasis on preparation for the the next stage of the pupils life and transition packages going into their final year of school. Pupils will focus on using skills that they have developed and using them in every day life, alongside formal learning.

Subject Leadership

Should you require additional information on the curriculum, please contact the school office who will forward your request to the appropriate subject leader.